The Self-Taught Computer Scientist


The Beginner’s Guide to Data Structures & Algorithms

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<p><i>The Self-Taught Computer Scientist</i> is Cory Althoff’s follow-up to <i>The Self-Taught Programmer</i>, which inspired hundreds of thousands of professionals to learn how to program outside of school.</p> <p>In <i>The Self-Taught Programmer</i>, Cory showed readers why you don’t need a computer science degree to program professionally and taught the programming fundamentals he used to go from a complete beginner to a software engineer at eBay without one.</p> <p>In <i>The Self-Taught Computer Scientist</i>, Cory teaches you the computer science concepts that all self-taught programmers should understand to have outstanding careers. <i>The Self-Taught Computer Scientist</i> will not only make you a better programmer; it will also help you pass your technical interview: the interview all programmers have to pass to land a new job.</p> <p>Whether you are preparing to apply for jobs or sharpen your computer science knowledge, reading <i>The Self-Taught Computer Scientist</i> will improve your programming career. It’s written for complete beginners, so you should have no problem reading it even if you’ve never studied computer science before.</p> <p><i>&nbsp;</i></p>