The Tax Law of Charitable Giving


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<p><b>the tax law of</b> charitable giving</p> <p><b>Discover a fully updated and comprehensive reference on US charitable tax law from a leading authority</b></p> <p>As United States charitable tax law becomes ever more complex and byzantine, the need for a one-stop resource on foundational and advanced topics in this practice area has become acute. The comprehensively revised Sixth Edition of The Tax Law of Charitable Giving fills this niche. The book offers readers a fulsome, authoritative, and well-organized description of modern US tax laws on charitable giving</p> <p>Ranging over the basics of US charitable giving law to the intricate details of contributions of various types of property and international giving, this accomplished nonprofit lawyer, professor, and author delves deeply into a wide variety of subjects concerning deductible (and nondeductible) charitable giving. In addition to fundamental topics such as the definition of gift and percentage limitations on charitable deductions, readers will learn about planned giving, donor-advised funds, the substantiation and appraisal requirements, reporting and disclosure laws, valuation pricinples, tax penalties, and more.</p> <p>Ideal for lawyers, accountants, and other financial professionals who advise clients on charitable giving and tax matters, <i>The Tax Law of Charitable Giving</i> provides an authoritative reference on all aspects of philanthropy and federal tax law.</p>


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