The Unsettling Outdoors


Environmental Estrangement in Everyday Life

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<p>How is it that, in the course of everyday life, people are drawn away from greenspace experiences that are often good for them? By attending to the apparently idle talk of those who are living them out, this book shows us why we should attend to the processes involved.</p> <ul> <li>Develops an original perspective on how greenspace benefits are promoted</li> <li>Shows how greenspace experiences can unsettle the practices of everyday life</li> <li>Draws on several years of field research and over 180 interviews</li> <li>Makes new links between geographies of nature and the study of social practices</li> <li>Uses a focus on social practices to reimagine the research interview</li> <li>Offers a wealth of suggestions for future researchers in this field</li> </ul>