The Writing Revolution


Cuneiform to the Internet

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In a world of rapid technological advancements, it can be easy to forget that writing is the <i>original</i> Information Technology, created to transcend the limitations of human memory and to defy time and space. <i>The Writing Revolution</i> picks apart the development of this communication tool to show how it has conquered the world. <ul> <li>Explores how writing has liberated the world, making possible everything from complex bureaucracy, literature, and science, to instruction manuals and love letters</li> <li>Draws on an engaging range of examples, from the first cuneiform clay tablet, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Japanese syllabaries, to the printing press and the text messaging</li> <li>Weaves together ideas from a number of fields, including history, cultural studies and archaeology, as well as linguistics and literature, to create an interdisciplinary volume</li> <li>Traces the origins of each of the world’s major written traditions, along with their applications, adaptations, and cultural influences</li> </ul>


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