Theory of Ground Vehicles


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Technology/Engineering/Automotive<br /> <br /> Engineering for advancing ground vehicle mobility<br /> <br /> A standard text and reference for both the educational and professional communities, <i>Theory of Ground Vehicles</i> gives aspiring and practicing engineers a fundamental understanding of the critical factors affecting the performance, handling, and ride essential to the development and design of ground vehicles. In view of the growing concerns over environmental impact, energy efficiency, and safety, this new Fourth Edition has been revised and expanded to address these issues and other developments in the field.<br /> <br /> Retaining the contents and format of previous editions, the Fourth Edition introduces new material to reflect recent advances in ground transportation technology, including:<br /> *<br /> <br /> Computer-aided methods for design and performance evaluation of off-road vehicles and their practical applications<br /> *<br /> <br /> Emissions and fuel economy<br /> *<br /> <br /> Hybrid electric drives and fuel cells and their operating principles<br /> *<br /> <br /> Selection of vehicle configurations for off-road operations<br /> *<br /> <br /> Road vehicle stability control<br /> *<br /> <br /> ISO 2631-1:1997 and its applications to evaluating vehicle ride characteristics<br /> <br /> As in previous editions, this book focuses on applying engineering principles to the analysis of vehicle behavior. A large number of practical examples and problems are included throughout to help readers bridge the gap between theory and practice. With its broad coverage and pedagogical aids, Theory of Ground Vehicles, Fourth Edition remains the text of choice for students, engineers, and researchers wishing to master and apply basic theory to solve real-world, road and off-road vehicle mobility problems.


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