There’s a Bear in Your Book


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A brand new ‘Who’s in Your Book?’ story from bestselling children’s book author Tom Fletcher.OH, LOOK! A bear has wandered into your book!And – what’s that noise? He’s yawning! He looks like he’s ready for bed.Can you help him drift off to sleep?This warm, gentle adventure combines interactive fun with a night-time routine to help little ones wind down before they go to bed.Who’s in Your Book?Interactive adventures for big imaginationsAlso in this series:There’s a Monster in Your Book: makes reading interactive and funThere’s a Dragon in Your Book: explores empathy and responsibilityThere’s an Alien in Your Book: explores acceptance and inclusionThere’s an Elf in Your Book: explores following instructions and good/bad behaviourThere’s a Superhero in Your Book: explores the power of kindnessThere’s a Witch in Your Book: makes tidying up funThere’s a Unicorn in Your Book: explores soothing your worries through sharing them]]>