They All Fall Down


Richard Nickel’s Struggle to Save America’s Architecture

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“Richard Nickel, whom I had the delight of knowing during hisall too brief life, is one of the unsung heroes of Chicagoarchitecture. He was not an architect himself, nor a designer. Hesimply took pictures, but what pictures! He was, for want of abetter description, one of the most sensitive of architecturalphotographers. More than that, his life–and ironically,tragically and poetically, his death–were fused to Chicagoarchitecture. How he died tells us how he lived: for the beauty inthe works of Sullivan, Wright and the others. His story is one thatmust be told.”<br> –Studs Terkel, author<br> <br> “He was completely understanding of architecture and genius andof the quality of the work he was dealing with. He wassingle-minded in his pursuit and dedication to quality in history,art and architecture. That is an increasingly rare quality.”<br> –Ada Louise Huxtable, former New York Timesarchitecture critic<br> <br> “Richard was an excellent photographer–sensitive andintelligent, and a very good craftsman”.<br> –John Szarkowski, former Director, Photography, Museumof Modern Art, New York<br> <br> “Richard Nickel was one of those who saw architecture, and whopassionately and skillfully pursued its portrayal. He was one of avery small number, and to make his work known would be afundamental service to architects, students, and teachers as wellas to the art of architecture.”<br> –Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., architectural historian