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On Love

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<b>Inspiring essays on love shared by men, women, and young people from all walks of life</b> <p>In the 1950’s, Edward R. Murrow’s radio program, <i>This I Believe,</i> gave voice to the feelings and treasured beliefs of Americans around the country. Fifty years later, the popular update of the series, which now continues on <i>Bob Edwards Weekend</i> on public radio, explores the beliefs that people hold dear today. This book brings together essays on love from ordinary people far and wide whose sentiments and stories will surprise, inspire, and move you.</p> <ul> <li>Includes extraordinary essays written by “ordinary” Americans on love in its many manifestations-from romantic love and love of family to love of place and love of animals</li> <li>Paints a compelling portrait of the diverse range of beliefs and experiences related to what is perhaps the most powerful and complex of human emotions-love</li> <li>Based on the popular <i>This I Believe</i> radio series and Web site</li> </ul> <p>By turns funny and profound, yet always engaging, <i>This I Believe: On Love</i> is a perfect gift to give or to keep.</p>


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