Tiny Noticeable Things


The Secret Weapon to Making a Difference in Business

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<b>TINY NOTICEABLE THINGS</b> <p><b>DISCOVER HOW TINY CHANGES AND ACTIONS CAN REVOLUTIONISE CUSTOMER AND EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION</b><p>TNTs are Tiny Noticeable Things. People don’t need to do them, but when they do, they can have a phenomenal and explosive impact. From remembering someone’s first name and recalling how they prefer to take their coffee, to sending someone a handwritten ‘thank you’ note, they are all the little cost-nothing engagers that create the biggest, longest-lasting impressions. They show you care, they blow people away, and they make a very big difference.<p>In <i>Tiny Noticeable Things</i>, best-selling author Adrian Webster shares his ideas along with the personal experiences of over 100 contributors to help you harness the power of TNTs and take your organisation and personal relationships to the next level.<p>Discover the tiny tweaks that elevate the most successful teams to astounding heights, find out what makes employees genuinely happy, hear from customers about the subtle ‘human’ touches that have put smiles on their faces, and gain invaluable insights into how just the smallest of things can give such a positive lift to those around us.<p><b>If you want to differentiate yourself, don’t overlook the TNTs!</b><p><b>WARNING – THIS BOOK COULD SERIOUSLY IMPACT YOUR BUSINESS</b><p>‘I often say at work no-one can help everyone but everyone can help someone. I once had one of three hundred volunteers on a community build say “I can’t believe there’s generosity on such a scale.” The truth was each of those people gave what they could but the sum of those individual gifts of time and skill built a facility that changed vulnerable people’s lives. That for me is what TNTs are all about.’<BR><b>Nick Knowles</b> – TV Presenter & Motivational Speaker