Total Facility Management


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TOTAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT <p><b>A comprehensive review of what facility management means to owners, operators, occupiers, facility managers and professional advisors</b><p>The newly revised Fifth Edition of <i>Total Facility Management</i> is an accessible and practical text that shows readers how the concept and principles of facility management can be implemented in practice. The book deals with the most common and intractable challenges facing professionals, academics and students in the field and provides practical solutions with the means to implement them.<p>The new edition includes a greater focus on applicable ISO standards in facility management as well as maintaining an international perspective throughout. The book contains easy-to-access advice on how facilities can be better managed from a range of perspectives, and the subjects covered provide a comprehensive treatment of facility management.<p>Readers will benefit from the inclusion of:<li><bl>A thorough introduction to the fundamentals of facility management, including key roles, responsibilities and accountabilities and the core competencies of facility management</bl></li><li><bl>An exploration of facility planning, facility management strategy, outsourcing, procurement, facility management organization, facility maintenance management and business continuity and recovery planning</bl></li><li><bl>An examination of human resources management, well-being, workplace productivity, performance management health, safety, security and the environment</bl></li><li><bl>A review of sustainable practices, change management, facility management systems, information management (including building information models and digital twins) and innovative technology.</bl></li><p>The book is the perfect choice for undergraduate and graduate studies in facility management, construction management, project management, surveying and other AEC disciplines. <i>Total Facility Management</i> will also earn a place on the desk of practicing facility managers, as well as in the libraries of academics and researchers whose work requires them to understand the theory and practice of facility management.