Towards an Anthropology of Data


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This volume presents a set of theoretically inventive pieces that engage with data across its many locations, from government databases to ecological field stations, from kitchen tables to concrete bunkers.<br /><br /> <ul> <li>Contributors demonstrate how thinking with data can be conceptually generative for anthropology, prompting us to reconsider our understanding of topics including bodies, persons, and the social itself</li> <li>Shows how ‘big’ data which may have once seemed limited to business or high tech, ethnographers are now finding data &ndash; and its attendant values and practices &ndash; in their field sites around the world</li> <li>Examines how data has motivated a sweep of dystopian visions, signaling the invasion of privacy, political manipulation, or shadowy data doubles</li> <li>Discusses how anthropologists have been cautious in taking data itself as an object of theoretical interest, even as the effects of data become manifest in our ethnographies</li> <li>By putting data in its place, the chapters collected here develop conceptual tools that will prove useful for anthropologists who find ‘data’ in their data</li> </ul>