Toxicants in the Aqueous Ecosystem


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This book provides a complete coverage of all aspects of theoccurrence, toxicity and analysis of toxicants in the aqueousecosystem. The aqueous ecosystem includes natural waters such asrivers, coastal waters and open seawater. It also includessedimentary matter present in these waters, creatures (fish,crustacea) and plant life. Chapters dealing with toxicitymeasurement, control of pollution regulation and toxicity datasystematically discuss metals, organometallic compounds and organiccompounds. In addition, Chapters 4 and 5 deal with the effects ofthese types of toxicants in natural waters and water creature stissues, whilst Chapter 8 deals with the health of such creatures.Contents:<br> * Toxicity Evaluation – Water Based<br> * Toxicity Evaluation – Animal Tissue Analysis Based<br> * Control of Pollution Regulations<br> * Toxicity Data<br> * Effects of Dissolved Metals in Water on Creatures<br> * Effect of Organic and Organometallic Compounds in Water onCreatures<br> * Pollution of Sedimentary Matter<br> * Polution of Sea Organisms<br> * Phytoplankton<br> * Algae and Weeds – Toxicity, Concentration and Analysis<br> * Pollution of Potable Water<br> * Radioactivity in the Environment<br> Toxicants in the Aqueous Ecosystem is essential reading for allAnalytical Chemists, Environmentalists and Toxicologists working inthe field.


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