The Radical Project for Restoring Sacred Order

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Traditionalism is the shadowy philosophy that has influenced so much of the twentieth century and beyond: from the far right to the environmental movement, from Alexander Dugin to Prince Charles. It is a new way of seeing the world: one that rejects modernity and instead turns to sacred truth, perennialism and tradition as its guide. This major new study peels back the curtain on Traditionalist philosophy and the thought of its proponents – René Guénon, Julius Evola and Frithjof Schuon – and their many and varied followers. Examining the Traditionalist critique of modernity, Traditionalism’s unique ideas about self-realization, religion and politics are set out here clearly and comprehensibly. Traditionalism’s projects in art, nature, gender and interfaith dialogue are also analysed here, showing how wide and pervasive this little-known movement has become. Mark Sedgwick is the world’s leading historian of Traditionalism and this is an expansive and mind-expanding guide to understanding this missing puzzle-piece of our intellectual world.]]>