Transforming a Federal Agency


Management Lessons from HUD’s Financial Reconstruction

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<p><b>Discover how&nbsp;the author transformed a massive government department in just a few years&nbsp;and fixed seemingly unfixable problems&nbsp;</b></p> <p>In&nbsp;<i>Transforming a Federal Agency: Management Lessons from HUD&rsquo;s Financial Reconstruction</i>,&nbsp;finance&nbsp;and strategy expert Irving&nbsp;(Irv)&nbsp;L.&nbsp;Dennis&nbsp;delivers an insightful and eye-opening exploration of&nbsp;the lessons he learned&nbsp;in&nbsp;bringing private sector experience to&nbsp;the transformation of&nbsp;the US Department of Housing and Urban Development&rsquo;s financial systems.&nbsp;</p> <p>Pulled out of retirement after a 37-year career at Ernst &amp; Young&nbsp;(EY), the author&rsquo;s tenure at HUD involved a rapid and surgical rejuvenation of their financial infrastructure. The book details the ten&nbsp;management&nbsp;areas&nbsp;he focused on&nbsp;and also&nbsp;includes:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>The transformation process and the barriers and roadblocks the author encountered on his journey&nbsp;</li> <li>Ensuring&nbsp;an enduring transformation even&nbsp;after changes&nbsp;in administration&nbsp;</li> <li>Functional differences between the private sector and governmental organizations&nbsp;</li> <li>How the author approached his first 100 days as Chief Financial Officer of the Department&nbsp;</li> <li>Insights into the innerworkings of the Executive Branch of government&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for government employees, finance professionals in the public and private sectors, and business students,&nbsp;<i>Transforming&nbsp;a Federal Agency</i>&nbsp;is a&nbsp;simultaneously fascinating and instructive journey through the remediation of seemingly intractable financial mismanagement.&nbsp;</p>


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