Twentieth Century Anglican Theologians


From Evelyn Underhill to Esther Mombo

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<p><b>A scholarly volume that reflects the rich diversity of Anglican theology</b></p> <p>With contributions from an international panel of writers, <i>Twentieth-Century Anglican Theologians</i> offers a wide-ranging view that presents a survey of over twenty diverse Anglican thinkers. The book explores well-known figures including William Temple, Austin Farrer, Donald MacKinnon, and John A.T. Robinson. These theologians are set in a wider context alongside others from India, China, Australia, Ghana, and elsewhere. Notably, the subjects include a number of women from Evelyn Underhill, the first woman to teach the clergy of the Church of England, to Esther Mombo, a major contemporary Anglican figure, from Kenya.</p> <p>The book reflects the rich diversity of Anglicanism, suggesting the ongoing vitality of this religious tradition. This important book:</p> <ul> <li>Contains information on a number of prominent women Anglican thinkers</li> <li>Includes contributions from experts from around the world</li> <li>Presents material on both familiar figures and others that are unjustly little known</li> </ul> <p>Written for students and teachers of Anglicanism, Anglican clergy, and ecumenical colleagues, <i>Twentieth-Century Anglican Theologians</i> is the first book to reflect the diversity of the Anglican tradition by considering its global theological representatives.</p>


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