Ultimate Air-Fryer Cookbook


Quick, healthy, low-energy recipes for every occasion

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With energy bills spiralling and the cost of living creeping ever up, more and more people are seeking out lower-energy alternatives for preparing their food. Air fryers have been proven to be quicker, healthier and up to 80% cheaper to run than a traditional oven and can be used to prepare everything from simple midweek meals to whole joints of meat, hearty breakfasts, and even desserts and cakes.This book, from air fryer expert Clare Andrews, with metric measurements for UK kitchens will show you how to make the most of your air fryer, from choosing the right model to suit the needs of your household and how to use your air fryer for the best results to practical advice on cleaning and maintenance.The book includes over 80 delicious recipes that will show you that the air fryer is for so much more than chips, from Celeriac Rösti served with the perfect air-fried poached egg and Turkey Meatballs with Air-Fried Tomato Sauce to Butternut Squash Sliders and Choc Chip Cookies, there really is no end to what you can make with you air fryer!• Use 80% less energy and cooking meals up to twice as fast, air fryers offer the perfect low-energy alternative to traditional ovens.• Crisp and delicious food that is low in fat. Air fryers use substantially less fat than other methods of frying.• Not just for chips! Includes over 80 recipes covering everything from meat and vegetables to desserts and cakes.• Invaluable advice talks you through the different types of air fryer, as well as how to use and maintain them.]]>