Ultrasound in Chemistry


Analytical Applications

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This comprehensive reference and handbook covers all aspects of ultrasound for analytical applications. Besides classical extraction techniques, it also provides an overview of ultrasound applications and devotes two chapters to proteomics and polymer technology.<br> <br> From the contents:<br> * Common ultrasonic devices <br> * Elemental speciation<br> * On-line applications<br> * Accelerated extraction of semivolatile and volatile organics <br> * The ultrasonic bath vs. the ultrasonic probe<br> * Liquid-liquid, liquid-solid and solid-liquid extraction<br> * Solid-phase (micro)extraction<br> * Stir bar sorptive extraction<br> * Sonochemistry for organic and inorganic synthesis<br> * Electrochemical applications<br> * Applications to polymer science<br> * Power ultrasound meets proteomics<br> <br> Of great interest to researchers in academia and industry, as well as analytical and natural products chemists, and those working in trace analysis.


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