Understanding Databases


Concepts and Practice

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<p><i>Understanding Databases: Concepts and Practice </i>is an accessible, highly visual introduction to database systems for undergraduate students across many majors. Designed for self-contained first courses in the subject, this interactive e-textbook covers fundamental database topics including conceptual design, the relational data model, relational algebra and calculus, Structured Query Language (SQL), database manipulation, transaction management, and database design theory.</p> <p>Visual components and self-assessment features provide a more engaging and immersive method of learning that enables students to develop a solid foundation in both database theory and practical application. Concise, easy-to-digest chapters offer ample opportunities for students to practice and master the material, and include a variety of solved real-world problems, self-check questions, and hands-on collaborative activities that task students to build a functioning database. This Enhanced eText also offers interactive multiple-choice questions with immediate feedback that allow students to self-assess as they proceed through the book. Case studies, illustrative examples, color summary figures and tables with annotations, and other pedagogical tools are integrated throughout the text to increase comprehension and retention of key concepts and help strengthen students&rsquo; problem-solving skills.</p>


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