Understanding Solids


The Science of Materials

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<p><b>Explore a comprehensive and illuminating introductory text to the science of solid materials from a leading voice in the field</b></p> <p>The newly revised Third Edition of <i>Understanding Solids: The Science of Materials</i> delivers a complete yet concise treatment of the basic properties and chemical and physical behaviors of solid materials. Following a completely revised opening set of chapters in which the basic properties of solids&mdash;including atomic structure, chemical bonding, crystallography, and phase relationships&mdash;are discussed, the book goes on to describe new developments in the areas of batteries and fuel cells, perovskite solar cells, lighting and displays, nanoparticles, whiskers, and sheets.</p> <p>The distinguished author has also added sections about organic framework structures, superionic conductors, mechanochemistry, bi-layer graphene, hologram formation and recording, and the optics of nanoparticle arrays and thermochromic materials. Each chapter includes a Further Reading section to help students accumulate additional knowledge on the topic within and new problems have been added throughout the book. Readers will also enjoy the inclusion of:</p> <ul> <li>A thorough introduction to the states of aggregation, including atoms and bonding, microstructures and phase relationships, and crystal structures and defects</li> <li>A comprehensive overview of different categories of solids, including metals, crystalline silicates, inorganic ceramics, and silicate glasses</li> <li>An exploration of reactions and transformations, including diffusion and ionic conductivity, phase transformations, and phase reactions</li> <li>A treatment of oxidation and reduction, including galvanic cells and chemical analysis</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for undergraduate students in sciences, engineering, and technology, <i>Understanding Solids: The Science of Materials</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of anyone seeking a thoroughly up to date, one-stop reference to the science of solid materials.</p>