Universe in a Box


A New Cosmic History

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How was our universe built?What happened at its beginning?And where do humans fit in?We are a minuscule part of an incredible continuum: a chain of events spanning 13.8 billion years, with an infinite future. But what does that future hold? And will we ever truly understand our cosmic home?The Universe In a Box is Andrew Pontzen’s tribute to simulation – the remarkable fusion of technology and science that, over the last century, has allowed us to understand the distant past and far future of the universe. It challenges everything we think we know about galaxies, black holes and matter itself. And it reveals the pioneer scientists who unlocked mysteries of space, from redshift to improbable dark materials that pass, ghost-like, through solid rock.Illuminating, provocative and bold, this is the story of the computer codes that allow us to look up, to learn, and to discover our place in the cosmos.]]>