Untitled Tim Weaver 2023


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TWO DISAPPEARANCESAt the country’s newest theme park, Tom Preacher and his son Leo are queuing for the ghost house. CCTV cameras record them entering – but they never exit. No one can find them inside – and no one can explain how they vanished.TWO FAMILIESWhen she was five, Rebekah Murphy’s mother suddenly walked out with no explanation. She never came back. Now, haunted by years of unanswered questions, Rebekah asks missing persons investigator David Raker to find out what happened.ONE DEVASTATING SECRETAt first, the two disappearances – decades apart – seem unrelated. But as Raker digs deeper, he starts to unravel an elaborate history of lies binding the cases together. Worse, there’s someone terrifying hiding in the shadows – and they’re going to make sure the truth never comes out…Praise For The David Raker Series:’Terrific’ Sunday Times’Packed with twists’ Daily Express’What a talent’ Daily Mail’Impressive’ Guardian]]>