Urban Ecology and Global Climate Change


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<p><i>Urban Ecology and Global Climate Change</i>&nbsp;contains the latest practical and theoretical concepts&nbsp;of the&nbsp;emerging&nbsp;issues&nbsp;in&nbsp;urban ecological studies.&nbsp;The authors highlight some of the major challenges&nbsp;currently impeding&nbsp;ecological restoration goals in urbanized regions across the globe.&nbsp;It is sobering that the majority of sustainable development projects are&nbsp;being defeated&nbsp;by the increasing pace of two particular phenomena &ndash; namely&nbsp;climate change and urbanization.&nbsp;This&nbsp;book includes&nbsp;coverage of the major&nbsp;threats to biodiversity conservation and&nbsp;the most significant contributors to the&nbsp;deterioration of urban ecosystems.&nbsp;</p> <p>In addition, various case studies that reflect the anthropogenic interventions on ecological restoration are included. The book looks at evolving growth and urbanization concepts, monitoring of urbanization trends, land-use land cover (LULC) changes in urban and non-urban cities based on the use of open access data, urbanization affecting rural ecology, soil carbon emissions, urban development, human&nbsp;well-being&nbsp;and case studies of sustainable smart cities.&nbsp;</p> <p><i>Urban Ecology and Global Climate Change</i>&nbsp;will find an appreciative audience amongst students of urban ecology and environmental policy, as well as policy-makers, scientists&nbsp;and industrialists. The book provides an&nbsp;excellent introduction to the principles of smart city planning and urban sustainability&nbsp;with a view to&nbsp;maintaining&nbsp;ecological&nbsp;and&nbsp;conservation&nbsp;status&nbsp;of&nbsp;urban environments.&nbsp;</p>