Vascular Disorders of the Upper Extremity


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Traditionally, vascular disorders of the upper extremity have been slighted in conventional vascular surgery texts, despite the fact that these disorders are among those most frequently encountered. Since its original publication in 1983, this text has been a welcome and effective remedy for this reference gap. The current edition of this widely acclaimed classic, succeeds, once again, in its goal to expertly and comprehensively present the clinical presentation, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic approaches to almost the full range of common and uncommon conditions affecting this area. <p>In his review of the second edition (Journal of Vascular Surgery, May 1990), Dr. Kenneth Ouriel calls this book <i>”well organized, well illustrated, and comprehensive”</i> and concludes: <i>”Mastery of this text will allow one to diagnose and treat upper extremity vascular problems in a logical and efficient manner, providing the patient with the best opportunity for successful management of these frequently disabling disorders.”</i></p>


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