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What if all that you believe yourself to be – your body, mind, emotions, and conditioning – is actually what you are not? What if this is merely a self-portrait shaped by false identification, habit, and assumptions.In ever-growing gatherings worldwide, the revered teacher Mooji has opened the eyes of thousands through his rare ability to shine light on the ineffable with uncommon clarity, humour and warmth. Now, in Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space, Mooji invites and inspires readers everywhere to discover the true essence from which we all arise.Throughout the book he addresses various questions that come up for seekers, such as:How do I find peace, joy, love and happiness?Is it really possible for an ordinary person with a job and family to attain enlightenment?Are intimate relationships a help or a hindrance to awakening? I don’t believe in God, and I don’t consider myself a devotional type of person, but the word Truth resonates with me – are your teachings relevant to me?You use the phrase ‘timeless presence’. What does it mean? How can anything be timeless? How does one transcend personal conditioning and suppressed emotions, and so come to lasting freedom?If we are essentially free, why does it seem so difficult and distant, so remote or rare to realise the Truth?Through our own earnest search for truth, Mooji helps us arrive at the answers, not by offering concepts but by leading us back to our hidden yet inherent knowing.]]>




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