Veterinary Head and Neck Imaging


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<b>VETERINARY HEAD AND NECK IMAGING</b> <p><b>A complete, all-in-one resource for head and neck imaging in dogs, cats, and horses </b> <p><i>Veterinary Head and Neck Imaging </i>is a comprehensive reference for the diagnostic imaging of the head and neck in dogs, cats, and horses. The book provides a multimodality, comparative approach to neuromusculoskeletal, splanchnic, and sense organ imaging. It thoroughly covers the underlying morphology of the head and neck and offers an integrated approach to understanding image interpretation. <p>Each chapter covers a different area and discusses developmental anatomy, gross anatomy, and imaging anatomy, as well as the physical limitations of different modalities and functional imaging. Commonly encountered diseases are covered at length. <p><i>Veterinary Head and Neck Imaging</i> includes all relevant information from each modality and discusses multi-modality approaches. The book also includes: <ul><li>A thorough introduction to the principles of veterinary head and neck imaging, including imaging technology, interpretation principles, and the anatomic organization of the head and neck</li> <li>Comprehensive explorations of musculoskeletal system and intervertebral disk imaging, including discussions of degenerative diseases, inflammation, and diskospondylitis </li> <li>Practical discussions of brain, spinal cord, and cerebrospinal fluid and meninges imaging, including discussions of trauma, vascular, and neoplastic diseases </li> <li>In-depth treatments of peripheral nerve, arterial, venous and lymphatic, respiratory, and digestive system imaging </li></ul> <P><I>Veterinary Head and Neck Imaging</I>is a must-have resource for veterinary imaging specialists and veterinary neurologists, as well as for general veterinary practitioners with a particular interest in head and neck imaging.


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