Viral Parenting


A Guide to Setting Boundaries, Building Trust, and Raising Responsible Kids in an Online World

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A cross between Jen Hatmaker and Rosalind Wiseman, VIRAL PARENTING is a guide to raising responsible, safe, and communicative kids in the digital world. From cell phone contracts, rules for earning an allowance, and creating a family mantra, this book teaches readers to solve problems before they happen.Using guided conversations, device checks, and respectful but firm oversight, the McKnights have raised a close-knit family and navigated the complexity of being world-wide internet celebrities with grace. in VIRAL PARENTING, Mindy shares all the tools she uses to establish family rules for kids of all ages about privacy, bullying, respectfulness, and family time, while emphasizing the importance of trust and open communication. Her rules help families prevent fights before they happen, and encourage conversation over passive aggressive behavior. This book teaches parents of any child or teen how to set non-negotiable guidelines and offer a savvy perspective toward privacy that audiences have been begging for. With the use of real cell phone contracts, example allowance agreements, and other tangible solutions to real-life problems, Mindy provides answers to the tough parenting questions in a step-by-step approach.]]>



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