Well-Lived Life


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Pre-order now and discover the six secrets to health and happiness at any age__________Dr. Gladys McGarey, the mother of holistic medicine and a still-practicing doctor at 101, reveals her powerful secrets for how to live with joy, vitality, and purpose at any age. In this book, Dr Gladys shares the lessons she has learned from more than a hundred cycles around the sun, and stories from the thousands of patients she’s treated throughout her career, who have provided so much inspiration for how to live well. It offers a counterintuitive approach to living a rich, full, and purposeful life that isn’t about conserving energy, but rather about spending it wildly. By sharing life-changing stories of miraculous healing from her patients of all ages as well as from her own extraordinary life, Dr. Gladys will change the way you think not only about health and healing but what leads to a life filled with joy and satisfaction. The Well-Lived Life is a profoundly moving book of practical wisdom and inspiring stories from a doctor whose own life, as well as those of her patients, is proof of concept. Dr. Gladys is the family doctor you wish you had, and your most loving grandmother rolled into one.__________]]>