What Gives


The Edge for Effective Work / Life Alignment

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<b>Align personal and organisational self-interest to achieve bigger, better things</b><br /> <p><i>What Gives</i> shows you how to be the best you can be, at both an individual and organisational level. Mapping a pathway for company-wide action, this bookprovides perspectives, strategies, and tools that help make work/life alignment a reality. The latest research in organisational and positive psychology shows that aligning personal and organisational interests is THE catalyst that drives superior performance; this book helps you answer the deeply personal questions that lead to greater clarity of thought and action. You’ll learn how to structure your time and effort to deliver greater immediate satisfaction and better future outcomes, and stay focused to keep long-term goals in sight amid the daily shuffle of priorities. Succinct, issue-specific chapters allow you to absorb the information quickly, so you can get closure and begin implementing these strategies immediately.</p> <p>Organisational performance is contingent upon the sustained engagement and commitment of individuals &mdash; but upwards of 80 percent of people are just going through the motions, because their work has variable meaning in their lives beyond the income it provides. This book shows you how to turn that dynamic around, aligning your focus and your entire organisation, so you can achieve something great together.</p> <ul> <li>Connect to deeper motivations and discover measurably sustainable payoffs</li> <li>Figure out your focus and reconfigure your priorities</li> <li>Realize the tremendous organisational value in personal achievement</li> <li>Experience the synergy of individual and organisational goal alignment</li> </ul> <p>The place where individual achievement aligns with organisational goals is where genius happens; Productivity, innovation, and all-around hyper-performance take off. <i>What Gives</i> provides an effective framework to make the future better, starting today.&nbsp;</p>