A down-to-earth guide to parenting teenagers

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Do you find bringing up teenagers more of a pain than a pleasure?Raising teenagers can test parental love to breaking point, particularly if you have previously enjoyed a close and loving relationship. The child whose every joy and sadness you shared has suddenly become taller than you, louder than you, with an inside knowledge of all your failings – and a sudden urge to point them out. What’s more, this newly arrived creature may spend half their life glued to a gadget, talk and dress in a way you find alien and respond to all queries with a grunt or a dismissal – whilst expecting ever-greater financial hand-outs.Help is however at hand. This completely revised and updated edition of a parenting classic is full of advice to help teenagers, their parents and the rest of the family. It offers a wealth of sound advice plus tried and tested strategies for every aspect of life with a teen – from alcohol to cyberbullying, sexting to household chores – which you can put into practice immediately. You’ll quickly wonder how you ever managed without this book.]]>




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