When Fury Takes Over


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This is the Gypsy Warrior, Big John Fury, standing his corner, totally unfiltered and in his own words.If you’re six foot three like me, and seventeen or eighteen stone, and you like to stand up for yourself, you’re gonna get into trouble, aren’t ya? But I wasn’t bothered about fighting; I thought I’ll have a fight with anybody. Win, lose or draw. I’m out there, shirt off, done and dusted. If you’ve got Fury DNA, you’re not shy of a fight.Born into a family of Irish traveller heritage, Big John Fury descends from a long line of bare-knuckle fighters, including King of the Gypsies. So it’s no surprise that he too found himself fighting outside the ring at a young age. From his early years in Manchester, John learned to box by practising bare-knuckle fighting within the travelling community, before graduating into the sport professionally. The ring has never been far from his sights, and John has played a crucial role in coaching and being a cornerman for his two-time British heavyweight champion son, Tyson Fury.When Fury Takes Over is the real story behind the legend. From memories of growing up as a traveller to stories of bare-knuckle fighting to win a Sherpa van, life lessons from his time in prison and finding balance as a fighter and a family man.]]>