Whisper, Shout: Let It Out!


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An empowering and colourful picture book to help children celebrate their voice and express themselves.Make an AHHHH!Make an OOOOH!Make a hummmm and tap your bellyFeel your voice wobble like jellyWhisper, Shout: Let It Out! is a joyous book to share with any child. The perfect book for shy, anxious or quiet children, to help with building confidence and a positive mindset.Author Madhvi Ramani has taken voice lessons for a number of years, teaching her how to be confident in her own voice. The gorgeously bold and bright illustrations from the talented Anuska Allepuz are paired with lots of ways for children to exercise their voice, building self-reliance and self-esteem.Everyone should be encouraged from a young age to celebrate and delight in their own special voice.]]>