Who Stole My Mojo?


How to Get it Back and Live, Work and Play Better

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Feeling flat, bored, uninspired, lacking motivation? Chances are you’ve lost your mojo. Mojo is that spark which, if you have it, is the difference between having just a good day and a great day. If you lose your mojo you’re not firing on all cylinders. We all lose our mojo from time to time. This book tells you how to find your lost mojo, and to keep it.<br /> <br /> <i>Who Stole My Mojo?</i> provides a common sense approach for anyone who needs a kick start in their life. Whether it’s lifestyle, diet, exercise, relationships, work challenges or the ability to get out of bed a half hour earlier in the morning, <i>Who Stole My Mojo</i> is about the thinking required to put the zest back into your life.