Wild Coast


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A remote shoreline. A lethal killer. The Wild Coast by Lin Anderson is a chilling crime novel in which lone campers are being abducted from rural campsites in the north west of Scotland.When forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod is brought in to analyse a shallow grave on Scotland’s west coast, she is disturbed by a bundle of twigs crafted into a stickman and left in the victim’s mouth.As a young woman is reported missing from a nearby campsite with another sinister figurine left in her van, it seems that someone is targeting wild campers. An idyllic coastline that used to offer peaceful serenity, has now become a hunting ground.Meanwhile in Glasgow, rumours are circulating of sexual assault offences by serving police officers that could include Rhona’s close colleague DS Michael McNab. Did McNab overstep the mark, or is the evidence against him a way of putting him out of action forever?All the while a young woman’s life is on the line and the clock is ticking . . .]]>