Wiley CMA™ Exam Study Guide and Online Test Bank 2022: Complete Set


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<p>Our CMA&trade; Exam Study Guide arms you with detailed text to help identify, focus on, and master specific topics that may need additional reinforcement to pass the CMA exam. Updated annually to match the ICMA content specifications outline, this comprehensive set covers both Part 1 and Part 2 of the exam so that you&rsquo;re ready to pass!&nbsp; With this set, you get:</p> <p>The two-volume 2022 Wiley CMA&trade; Exam Study Guide and the Online Test Bank, which includes:&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Latest learning outcome statements and formula sheets from the ICMA.</li> <li>Bite-Sized Lessons for easier comprehension and time management.</li> <li>Emphasis on the most highly testable topics on the exam.</li> <li>Online Test Bank</li> <li>3,300+ Multiple-Choice Questions</li> <li>28 Exclusive Essays</li> <li>A grade book to track your progress</li> <li>Unlimited practice exams that replicate the test-day experience</li> <li>Practice at your own schedule and pace</li> </ul>


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