Wiley Practitioner’s Guide to GAAS 2021


Covering all SASs, SSAEs, SSARSs, and Interpretations

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<b>Wiley PRACTITIONER’S GUIDE TO GAAS</b> <p><b>Stay up to date on critical auditing standards, practices, and procedures with this comprehensive 2021 guide</b><p>The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ recent clarifications of all its professional standards and newly issued standards pose new compliance challenges for accounting professionals across the United States. And, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re up to date with all applicable guidelines, rules, and regulations.<p>The <i>Wiley Practitioner’s Guide to GAAS 2021</i> delivers a thorough description and analysis of all SASs, SSAEs, SSARSs, and Interpretations necessary for you to fully understand all the latest professional standards. The guide offers all the most recent revisions to the standards and explains them clearly and accurately, providing explicit guidance on how to conduct your engagements efficiently, effectively, and properly.<p>You’ll get helpful and practical direction on how to do your job as an accountant or auditor and save time by accessing all the info you need in a single, one-stop resource. You’ll discover how to organize yourself using the Statements on Auditing Standards, comprehensive guidance on the entirety of the auditing process, and explanations of all attestation and review, compilation, and preparation standards.<p>Perfect for accountants and auditors who demand efficient and practical access to the information they need on a daily basis, The <i>Wiley Practitioner’s Guide to GAAS 2021</i> is an invaluable resource written from the ground up to save you time and simplify your compliance with professional standards.