WiMAX Evolution


Emerging Technologies and Applications

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<b>This book presents the evolutionary and visionary developments of WiMAX!</b> <p><i>WiMAX Evolution: Emerging Technologies and Applications</i> focuses on the future developments of WiMAX technology. The book discusses the evolutionary aspects of WiMAX, from the physical to the application layer, including visions from industry, standardization and research communities. Several chapters of the book will present very new and unique information as editors and their respective organizations are involved in ongoing international projects on WiMAX, developing advanced WiMAX techniques. The Editors’ in-house WiMAX test-beds enhance the book with privileged and seldom published information on practical issues.</p> <p>Key features:</p> <ul> <li>Presents evolutionary and visionary developments of WiMAX, motivating and inspiring readers to join and continue the developing work</li> <li>Contains chapters with previously unpublished material, including  measurements on real WiMAX equipment and their validation, and introduction of robust header compression in WiMAX, and more</li> <li>Unique results on real WiMAX test-beds</li> <li>Covers WiMAX validation, novel scenarios, applications and business, advanced WiMAX architectures, WiMAX extensions, and WiMAX evolution and future developments</li> <li>Expert authorship with a balanced mix of contributions from highly regarded professionals from top research institutes, industry and academia</li> </ul> <p>This book is an invaluable resource for product developers, research and standardization engineers in industry, professors, research scientists and advanced students in academia. Technology managers and CTOs will also find this book insightful.</p>


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