Windows Server 2022 & Powershell All-in-One For Dummies


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<b>All the essentials for administering Windows Server 2022 in one book</b> <p>Looking for a little help installing, configuring, securing, or running a network running Windows Server 2022? <i>Windows Server 2022 & PowerShell All-in-One For Dummies</i> delivers a thorough guide to network administration in a single, convenient book. Whether you need to start from scratch and install a new server or want to jump right into a more advanced topic</li>like managing security or working in Windows PowerShell</li>you’ll find what you need right here. <p>In this 8-books-in-1 compilation, you’ll: <ul> <li>Learn what you need to install and set up a brand-new Windows server installation</li> <li>Configure your Windows Server and customize its settings based on your needs and preferences</li> <li>Discover how to install, configure, and work with Containers</li> </ul> <p>The perfect book for server and system admins looking for a quick reference on Windows Server operation, this book is also a great resource for networking newcomers learning their way around the server software they’ll encounter daily.