Wine Faults and Flaws


A Practical Guide

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<p><b>An essential guide to the faults and flaws that can affect wine</b></p> <p>Written by the award-winning wine expert, Keith Grainger, this book provides a detailed examination and explanation of the causes and impact of the faults, flaws and taints that may affect wine. Each fault is discussed using the following criteria: what it is; how it can be detected by sensory or laboratory analysis; what the cause is; how it might be prevented; whether an affected wine is treatable, and if so, how; and the science applicable to the fault.</p> <p>The incidences of faulty wines reaching the consumer are greater than would be regarded as acceptable in most other industries. It is claimed that occurrences are less common today than in recent recorded history, and it is true that the frequency of some faults and taints being encountered in bottle has declined in the last decade or two. However, incidences of certain faults and taints have increased, and issues that were once unheard of now affect many wines offered for sale. These include &lsquo;reduced&rsquo; aromas, premature oxidation, atypical ageing and, very much on the rise, smoke taint.</p> <p>This book will prove invaluable to winemakers, wine technologists and quality control professionals. Wine critics, writers, educators and sommeliers will also find the topics highly relevant. The wine-loving consumer, including wine collectors will also find the book a great resource and the basis for discussion at tastings with like-minded associates.<br /><br />Reviews<br /><i>I read this book avidly from cover to cover. I&rsquo;ll dip into it for future reference as required, which is how many will employ it. Meanwhile, I learned a great deal, and it now influences how I think about wine evaluation.</i><br /><i>I commend this excellent new book to you. Consider it an investment. </i>Paul Howard, Wine Alchemy</p>