Winning the Fat War


Expert ways to lose weight in a fat world

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Fat happens. It can happen to anyone. And once it happens, it’s hell’s own game to get rid of it again. But why are we all putting on weight? And what can we do about it? <p><b>Winning the Fat War</b> is Anne Diamond’s heartfelt and revealing insight into the world-wide weight epidemic. She feels passionate about the subject because she’s been there and back. Following her own much publicised battle with weight, Anne underwent gastric surgery as a last resort. Her shocking experience will, she hopes, be a warning to others.</p> <p>Writing <b>Winning the Fat War</b> has led her to meet some of the world’s top experts on the front line of the Fat War, and she’s discovered some alarming facts:</p> <ul> <li>Once you become obese, your body thinks that weight is ‘normal’ and fights all attempts to slim</li> <li>There is a link between obesity and impotence!</li> <li>Thin people can be fat – on the inside!</li> <li>Men are better at slimming than women, but they often have more of the most dangerous kind of fat!</li> <li>Scientists are working on a daily injection to finally beat fat. It’s already started ‘human trials’.</li> </ul> <p>Anne Diamond’s <b>Winning the Fat War</b> includes the views of Desmond Morris, Bill Clinton, leading politicians, global medical experts and stories of many who have suffered victimisation simply because of their size. Ground-breaking, candid and bravely written – this book challenges ‘fattist’ prejudice and will change attitudes to fat forever.</p>


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