Wittgenstein: Understanding and Meaning


Volume 1 of an Analytical Commentary on the Philosophical Investigations, Part II: Exegesis §§1-184

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This is a new edition of the first volume of G.P.Baker and P.M.S. Hacker’s definitive reference work on Wittgenstein’s <i>Philosophical Investigations</i>. <br /> <ul class=”noindent”> <li>Takes into account much material that was unavailable when the first edition was written.<br /> </li> <li>Following Baker’s death in 2002, P.M.S. Hacker has thoroughly revised the first volume, rewriting many essays and sections of exegesis completely.<br /> </li> <li>Part One – the Essays – now includes two completely new essays: ‘Meaning and Use’ and ‘The Recantation of a Metaphysician’.<br /> </li> <li>Part Two – Exegesis §§1–184 – has been thoroughly revised in the light of the electronic publication of Wittgenstein’s <i>Nachlass</i>, and includes many new interpretations of the remarks, a history of the composition of the book, and an overview of its structure.<br /> </li> <li>The revisions will ensure that this remains the definitive reference work on Wittgenstein’s masterpiece for the foreseeable future.</li> </ul>


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