Yamada’s Atlas of Gastroenterology


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<b>YAMADA’S Atlas of Gastroenterology</b> <p>Gastroenterology and Hepatology remain highly visual specialties, in part because of the tremendous accessibility of the luminal gastrointestinal tract to endoscopic examination and biopsy, and other internal digestive organs to advanced imaging modalities and sampling. Thus, in addition to standard views of cross-sectional imaging and histopathologic analysis used in many disorders, the field encompasses multimodal endoscopic imaging, which has continued to advance over the last decade. This sixth edition of <i>Yamada’s Atlas of Gastroenterology</i> continues to offer diverse images that provide an overview of the field of digestive diseases, and aims to provide a synopsis through pictures and illustrations rather than through text. Consequently, this Atlas is designed to complement and accompany the primary textbook in the field, the seventh edition of <i>Yamada’s Textbook of Gastroenterology</i>. <p>This newest edition of the Atlas presents a wealth of pictorial material designed to provide a highly informative snapshot of major gastrointestinal, pancreatic and hepatobiliary diseases. Every GI disorder from liver abscesses, endocrine neoplasms of the pancreas, to motility disorders of the esophagus are fully illustrated through the use of endoscopic and transabdominal ultrasonographs, computed tomography scans, magnetic resonance images, radionuclide images, angiograms, and high resolution manometry, in addition to histopathology and cytology. The Atlas includes over 2000 exceptional images, organized by disease entity and therapeutic modality, including histopathology slides, MRI and CT scans, endoscopy, EUS, and open surgery images. <p>Boasting an outstanding editorial team and 200 chapter authors, who are internationally renowned experts in their fields of expertise, <i>Yamada’s Atlas of Gastroenterology</i> is designed for a wide spectrum of readers, including students, residents, fellows and other trainees, practicing clinicians, professors and related specialists. For a busy trainee or clinician seeking a quick introduction to the spectrum of GI diseases, <i>Yamada’s Atlas of Gastroenterology</i> represents a practical and useful introduction to important disorders, and brings to life the salient points of the topic accurately and comprehensively.


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