Yiddish With Dick And Jane

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In text that captures the unique rhythms of the original Dick and Jane readers, and in 35 all-new illustrations, a story unfolds in which the ultra-WASPish Dick and Jane – hero and heroine of the classic books for children that generations have used when learning to read – manage to express shades of feeling and nuances of meaning that ordinary English just can’t deliver. How? By speaking Yiddish, employing terms that convey an attitude – part plucky self-assertion, part ironic fatalism. When Dick schmoozes, when Jane kvetches, when their children fress noodles at a Chinese restaurant, the clash of cultures produces genuine hilarity… YIDDISH WITH DICK AND JANE tells a simple story: Grandma gets sick and Dick and Jane’s sister Sally visits. There are sub-plots about such ethical dilemmas as gift-giving etiquette and marital infidelity. The comedy intensifies in the glossary, which defines (with chutzpah aplenty!) each Yiddish term introduced in the text.]]>




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