Your Child is Not Broken


Parent Your Neurodivergent Child Without Losing Your Marbles

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Your Child Is Not Broken is THE book for parents who need permission to do things differently.An unapologetic and deeply moving manual for parents of neurodivergent children who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired from Heidi Mavir, a late-identified, neurodivergent adult and parent to an autistic/ADHD teenager.Follow Heidi’s irreverent and brutally honest story of her fight to be seen, heard and supported, while swimming against a tide of parent blame, ableist stereotypes and the weight of other people’s opinions. Your Child Is Not Broken is a call to arms for parents and carers of autistic, ADHD, or otherwise neurodivergent children. It is the book that no one has dared to write but every parent needs to read. Heidi’s hilarious anecdotes and heartbreaking storytelling offer validation, comfort, reassurance and wisdom to parents who need it the most.]]>