Youth on Screen


Representing Young People in Film and Television

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<p>Right from the origins of cinema, countless films and television dramas have offered sensational and seductive representations of young people’s lives. Youth is typically associated with energy, idealism and physical beauty, but it is often represented as both troubled and troubling. These representations are almost always created by adults, implicitly reflecting an adult perspective on how young people ‘come of age’.</p> <p><i>Youth on Screen</i>&nbsp;provides a historical account of representations of youth in Britain and the United States, stretching back over seventy years. From&nbsp;<i>Blackboard Jungle</i>&nbsp;to&nbsp;<i>This is England</i>, and from&nbsp;<i>Jailhouse Rock</i>&nbsp;to&nbsp;<i>Skins</i>, it covers a range of classics, as well as some intriguing obscurities. Engagingly written and clearly organized, it offers a perfect introduction for students and general readers.</p>