Youth Urban Worlds


Aesthetic Political Action in Montreal

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<p>Both theoretically informed and empirically rich, <i>Youth Urban Worlds</i> explores how urban cultures affect&nbsp;political action&nbsp;amongst youth.</p> <ul> <li>Argues that&nbsp;urban cultures challenge the very&nbsp;meaning and contours of the political process</li> <li>Includes&nbsp;ethnographies, delving into the perspectives and&nbsp;knowledges&nbsp;of&nbsp;racialized youth,&nbsp;urban farmers,&nbsp;and &ldquo;voluntary risk takers,&rdquo; like dumpster divers,&nbsp;building climbers, and&nbsp;student protestors</li> <li>Theorizes that&nbsp;aesthetics are an increasingly&nbsp;crucial form of&nbsp;political action in&nbsp;the&nbsp;contemporary urban setting and explains the impact of&nbsp;aesthetics on the political</li> <li>Examines the centrality of fun, warmth, aesthetics, and embodiment&nbsp;to these youth&rsquo;s experience of being in the world</li> <li>Explains&nbsp;how&nbsp;youth are able to practically and concretely impact the political process through the performance&nbsp;of risky and disruptive behavior</li> </ul>