Zinc Surfaces


A Guide to Alloys, Finishes, Fabrication, and Maintenance in Architecture and Art

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<b>ZINC SURFACES</b> <p><b>THE LEADING RESOURCE FOR ARCHITECTS, DESIGNERS, AND ARTISTS WORKING WITH ZINC</b> <p><i>Zinc Surfaces: A Guide to Alloys, Finishes, Fabrication and Maintenance in Architecture and Art</i> combines the latest guidance and information about zinc surfaces into a single and comprehensive resource for architects and artists everywhere.<p>The fifth book in the author’s authoritative Architectural Metals Series, <i>Zinc Surfaces</i> offers a highly visual, full-color guide to ensure architects and design professionals have the information they need to properly maintain and fabricate zinc surfaces. Numerous case studies illuminate and highlight the theoretical principles contained within.<p>Full of concrete strategies and practical advice, <i>Zinc Surfaces</i> provides readers with complete information on topics including:<ul><li>The use of zinc in architecture</li><li>The history of zinc’s use in design</li><li>How to choose the right alloy for your purposes</li><li>Surface and chemical finishes</li><li>Corrosion resistance of various alloys</li></ul><p>This book is perfect for architecture professionals, metal fabricators and developers, architecture students and instructors, and designers and artists working with metals.


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