Renewable Integrated Power System Stability and Control


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<b>RENEWABLE INTEGRATED POWER SYSTEM STABILITY AND CONTROL</b> <p><b>Discover new challenges and hot topics in the field of penetrated power grids in this brand-new interdisciplinary resource</b><p><i>Renewable Integrated Power System Stability and Control</i> delivers a comprehensive exploration of penetrated grid dynamic analysis and new trends in power system modeling and dynamic equivalencing. The book summarizes long-term academic research outcomes and contributions and exploits the authors’ extensive practical experiences in power system dynamics and stability to offer readers an insightful analysis of modern power grid infrastructure.<p>In addition to the basic principles of penetrated power system modeling, model reduction, and model derivation, the book discusses inertia challenge requirements and control levels, as well as recent advances in visualization of virtual synchronous generators and their associated effects on system performance. The physical constraints and engineering considerations of advanced control schemes are deliberated at length.<p><i>Renewable Integrated Power System Stability and Control</i> also considers robust and adaptive control strategies using real-time simulations and experimental studies. Readers will benefit from the inclusion of:<ul><li>A thorough introduction to power systems, including time horizon studies, structure, power generation options, energy storage systems, and microgrids</li><li>An exploration of renewable integrated power grid modeling, including basic principles, host grid modeling, and grid-connected MG equivalent models</li><li>A study of virtual inertia, including grid stability enhancement, simulations, and experimental results</li><li>A discussion of renewable integrated power grid stability and control, including small signal stability assessment and the frequency point of view</li></ul><p>Perfect for engineers and operators in power grids, as well as academics studying the technology, <i>Renewable Integrated Power System Stability and Control</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of students in Electrical Engineering programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels who wish to improve their understanding of power system operation and control.